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Different Words. Our Short Stories Magazine

Volume 1&2

January 2020/March 2021

Welcome to the first issue of a magazine of stories written by the students of the short story class at Different Directions home schooling group. Each of these tales (with only very light editing by me) expresses the wonderful creativity and energy of the students themselves. They range from the silly to the scary, from adventures to nightmares.

In the class the students read classic short stories and discuss the principles that make them work before embarking on their own literary adventures.

This was begun in the before times of 2020- when suddenly the world went virtual. The class continued, however and now a second group of talented writers have created works of originality and skill.

All stories are published on our Different Words Magazine Blog Page

Sit back and enjoy stories by:

Nina Watson

Adam Bracichowicz

Lilyana Egoravina Erchov (Lily The Great)

Samuel GIicquel Auguste

Daniel Bracichowicz

Stefan Sekulic

Milo Hockenbury

Savva Safronov

Alexander Preuss

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