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Bullying The Teenage Boys

Billy Billy come here look at those teenage boys always on their phones. Yeah Jackie but look they both have the iphone 11 pro, I wish a could get one. Lets go we are going to be late for class said Jackie. Billy said Jackie. Shhh we are gonna get caught said Billy. I have a plan said Jackie. Tell me after class said Billy. Yo Billy what if we tried to steal their phones said Jackie. Are you crazy with two z’s never said Billy. Mommy can you buy me an iPhone 11 Pro said Billy. No way those things are like 1200 bucks no no.

Ohhh never mind.

​The next day​. Jackie I’m in said Billy. Into what said jackie. Your plan said Billy. Let’s do it said Jackie. When should we get them said Billy. Tomorrow after school said Jackie. Shh, quiet said Jackie. They’re all in AirPods, they won’t hear us Jackie. Let’s go let’s go.

Billy you go from that side and snatch that one and I get that once. Deal said Jackie. Deal said Billy. Three, two, one go go. Snatch. Snatch. Run run. Come back here. Nooo my Insta is gone and everything.

Noooo. Let’s call the cops said one of the boys.

Are you stupid, they stole our phones we can’t call, well if you have a chip in your body then yes but otherwise how.

Let’s go to the principal and we can call from there. Billy I put myself face ID on this one said Jackie.

Awesome, I’m playing their video games. Half of them are for money said Billy. Let’s climb onto that tree so they won’t see us said Jackie. Why is the principal with the boys coming outside, and why are the cops pulling over stuttered Billy.

Where did those chupa chups go said the principal.

Oh no said Billy.

Quiet whisper Jackie.

Jackie I’m going to fall.

No no please don’t said Jackie.

Aaaaa dushk, Awww said billy.

There he is said one of the boys. Jackie if the cops kill me let me rest in peace said Billy. OK, but you should run said Jackie.

Aww stop I’m just a kid don’t hurt me said Billy.

Give the phone said one of the cops. Go get that kid in the tree the cop said to one of the boys. OK.

Aww, no my Gucci is ripped. The tree is too sharp.

Here I’ll push him. pushh. Awww said Jackie.

Are you an idiot you could have killed him shut the cop.

Kid give me the phone and I’ll cut you up.

Billy we did it.

The end

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