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The Arms

I got to the workshop at 6 am. Bill told me I had to start the oven. He said we had things to make but for who he wouldn’t say. So I piled up a bunch of wood into the oven and lit it. When Bill got to the shop, the fire was roaring. He told me to put some iron rods into the oven. Said we were going to make robotic arm additions. At the end of the day both hands were done. They worked amazingly but I was not allowed to try them on. So I cleaned up the workshop and went home.

The next day when I got to the workshop, Bill was already there. He was testing the arm additions. At 12 o’clock, Bill said he had to go home because he had work to do. When I woke up I heard screaming. I looked out the window and saw Bill destroying houses with the arms we made. I dash down to the workshop and started making sure things. I quickly made a few and headed outside. The people outside were screaming and running. I hid behind the lamppost and threw a shirt in at one of the bills robotic arm additions. It hit it straight in the joint and the arm fell off. Bill screamed “noooo” he looked in my direction and hearted coming at me. I dashed into a small alleyway and found a fire escape ladder and went up to the roof. Bill was trying to find me. I carefully aimed at Bill’s second robotic arm and threw another Shirkin. It missed by a few feet. Bill noticed the Shirkin and looked up, I ducked. He didn’t notice me.

When I got back up I noticed he was heading towards the bank. I had to stop him, so I aimed and prayed that my shot would hit him. I threw it and it hit his other arm and made some metallic arm come off and break. I dashed back down and went up to him. “You’re finished“ hold him. In a minute the cops showed up and took him away. I was playing and awarded $1000 in cash. The shop was all mine.

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