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Snow Wars

Chapter 1 The News

I woke up in the middle of the night when another one of those blizzards hit us. I thought to myself, “Oh, thank God we have those mighty snow-fort walls.” By the time I finished my work – administration – and went down to the lobby of the great snow pyramid, the whole country was up and awake.

Joe, the administrator of communications, told me that some council members needed to see me in the east fort region next to Quartz Road and 1st Drive. I put on my full uniform and went outside. On my way to the meeting place, I rushed through many streets. I rushed through 9th Drive, then Hunting Avenue all the way to 2nd Drive where I turned and then turned on Quartz Road and there I was. I’s say there were 30,000 army man there waiting for me. My best friend, Frank, second in command approached me.

– Hello! Sorry to rush you- he said

– No problem. Had a bad night sleep-I said while panting.

- So did I.-

-So, number two, what’s the problem? -I asked him.

-We’re under attack! - he replied.

Chapter 2. The strategy

- By whom?- I asked quickly.

- By whom?!- he said while chuckling- By the Show World army!

I took a deep breath and called for every member of the senior staff of governors to go to the assembly on 3rd Drive and Quartz Road. We all rushed there and started discussing while the army fought.

- Members of the senior staff of governors, how should we defend?- I asked for people’s opinions.

There was a long silence and nobody moved. It felt as if I were the only one in that room. The assembly had amazing acoustics meaning that we just had to whisper and the whole room would hear us. Finally, after a long silence the first words were from Lieutenant David,

- By strategy!-

- Of course. – I said while rolling my eyes – We’re outnumbered 2 to 1! - There was a shorter silence and finally I said – Wait, I have an idea! We need a decoy. We’ll have to attach coats, firecrackers and inflatable catapults to huge paper planes and make them think we snuck around their lines. They’ll run out of snowballs by shooting at the decoy, so when we come out to capture them they can’t throw snowballs at us. To avoid fistfights, we’ll come in pedal-cars. Who votes for this idea, raise their hand! - Every hand in the room was raised.

- Ok, good idea, that’s what will do – shouted commander Nick to me.

Chapter 3. The battle

We went to the armory and got paper planes, firecrackers, coats and inflatable catapults and brought them all the way to Wesley Road in the southeast fort region where our fort sticks out, so they wouldn’t see that the decoys are being carried by paper planes. We attached the decoys and tossed the planes. We watched them fly in the early morning sun. Unfortunately, the scene was ruined by their snowballs; they saw our decoys.

We went back to the assembly to make a plan B and plan C. One by one we stepped back into the wooden, gold ceiling room. Once we took our seats I announced:

Our snow fort walls are failing!-

We may be forced to hold a fight inside the city!- said Frank.

-OK, that’s plan C- I said. - Now what’s plan B?- I asked.- I think the best idea is to defend the walls, and put most of our effort into keeping the walls standing to avoid fighting over the walls, which usually result in the destruction of walls. We’ll attack them from the sides. No time to count votes, I don’t see another alternative.-

Agreed!- Lieutenant David said.

We prepared to attack them from both the north and south sides, with me leading the north attack and Frank leading the south attack. We attacked them right at the time our mighty snow fort walls failed. They ran inside. My army followed them, but Frank’s army stayed to defend the opening in our walls and rebuild the wall. We followed their army down Quartz Road, downhill, but did not go as far down as they did. We fortified, and attacked their army. Our security came at them from all sides, except 2nd Drive. They fled through 2nd Drive but then we split in two groups, one would go and stop them at Hunting Avenue and other one would stay here.

I was going to check on Frank and his army. He yelled

More are coming!-

Once I arrived, I knew what he meant – more of the enemy army.

The fierce army broke the walls in a couple of minutes, went in our fort and attacked it. I gave the order to evacuate the city and go to Far Colony. When we were backing out of the city to the west, we saw our flag on the top of the great snow pyramid get pulled off and broken and their flag get hung. They also stole our pedal-wagon-train. I was long way to Far Colony without our pedal-wagon-train. We stopped about half way there to rest. At some point, I saw something sneaking around in shadows.

Spies. I said in a very unhappy voice.

After a long hunt for them we finally found them. There were three. One, a high-ranking officer. He told us that his country is preparing an attack on us. I went back to the fort in his uniform. Apparently, they have a lot of high-ranking officers so they don’t keep track of them. I figured out where their meetings were. They were in middletown province which was pretty close by. Knowing that I was relying on the enemy spy that told me that there were a lot of high-ranking officers and that I wouldn’t get caught, I went to their middletown province headquarters. I heard their plans, their weak spots and most important, their attitude toward attacks. Once the meeting was over, I went back to my army, told them all about what I learned and decided to launch an attack to retake the city and cancel the retreat to Far Colony. I switched uniforms into my uniform so that the enemy army wouldn’t recognize me and led the attack on their weakest spot of our city, the east walls because that is where they attacked from. The whole army now ready and motivated, will attack the city in less than an hour. On our way to the fort, we encountered another spy – another high ranking official. We captured him too and Frank put his uniform on and I of the other spy we already encountered and we both went into the fort.

Chapter 4. Finale

No matter in who’s hands the fort is, we made it. We knew the way all around it. We went into the tunnels under the east wall and made holes in them so our army could come in. I turned on my walky-talky and called the army and told them that this is the best we could do and to come around the fort and sneak in through the tunnels. We managed as far as 9th Drive tunnels where we ran into three enemy soldiers which we captured. Before we captured them, they told their army that we were in the tunnels, so we had to get out of the tunnels.

Once we were out and far away, we took a break. Most army men took a nap while I just rested.

It was then that dad called – Dinnertime! Come inside. What did you build there, kids?

We built snow forts. My younger brother David replied.

We went inside the house, ate our food and went to bed. That’s how yesterday ended.

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