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The Scream

I have no time at all. It’s 12 AM in the morning, I’m in my pajamas, and living nightmares are chasing me.

All I have is my flash light, and I hear footsteps from the left door. I get up from my bed and run there, listening. I hear nothing. He went away. I check back under the bed, and I see my stuffed animal smiling. Not the normal happy smile, no. A nightmarish, horrifying smile. After the light flashes him, he disappears and I see my normal teddy. Then I hear footsteps from my right door.

I run up, open the door, and I hear heavy breathing. Almost alien. I shut the door, and hear the creature slowly walk away. Bells chime in the wind as a check the hall with my flashlight. Nothing. When I come back, I see my closet door close. I run up to the closet when a deranged fox head screaming at me. Panicking, I slam the doors shut. A moment later, he’s gone.

I run back to the bed and hear nothing. All is well. I try to go to sleep, when I hear the most nightmarish laugh I have ever heard and ever will. Running, I check the halls. He’s there. I golden bear with a mouth on its stomach and a terrifying smile, with corrupted decorations in purple, a bow tie and top hat. He grins at me, about to open his mouth, but I slam the door. He’s too quick.

I run over to the next door, and he’s there. Shutting the door, I hear him creep into my closet. I discover him and force him out again. Sitting on my bed, I listen and watch for any signs of him. None to be found. I try to relax when I look at my bed and see his grinning face.

Then, a roar.

Then, a scream.

Then, silence.

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