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Adventure Summer Camp

Summer is for fun, laughter, sunshine, parks, water and adventure.  Different Directions Summer Adventure Camp is also about music, storytelling, art and field trips.  

  • We spend the mornings outside doing art, music, water play, messy safe science experiments, yard games, leisure sports, open ended activities and lunch,  in one of three great neighborhood parks near Different Directions. In the afternoon we move indoors to our air conditioned studio during the midday heat. Afternoon activities will include theatre games, improvisation, meditation, art, storytelling  and movement 

  • We will take a field trip one day every week. Field trips TBA

2024 Different Directions Adventure Summer Camp is geared for students ages 5 to 10.


Dates & Days

Weekly Packages 

Week 2 Monday 7/8 - Thursday 7/11: Stories Make the World Go Round ($320)

Week 3 Monday 7/15 - Thursday 7/18: Acting Out is Fun ( $320)

Week 4 Monday 7/22 - Thursday 7/25: Music,Mayhem and More ($320)

Week 5 Monday 7/29 - Thursday 8/1: Backyard Ecology  ($320)

We will meet Mondays Thru Thursday from 10am to 3:00pm. Drop off and pick up will be at our studio in Midtown Manhattan. 


How to register

If you are interested in registering please fill out our online registration form:



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