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Student Android Apps

Students in the Mobile Apps class are excited to share some of the apps they coded this semester using MIT App Inventor. You can experience any of these apps on your Android device by either scanning the QR code or clicking the link.

Drawing App by Sita

This app lets the user create an artwork by choosing a background image and then drawing with colored lines and circles. As a bonus, you can take a photo to use for the background.

Sita used event handlers, algorithms, variables, procedures, parameters, and the Cartesian coordinate system to create her app.

Whack-a-Monster App by Hendrix

In this app, the user earns points by clicking on the monster as it pops up around the city. Can you tell from the code snippet below what happens when you reach the winning score of 35?

Hendrix used a clock timer, conditionals, random number generators, mathematical and Boolean expressions, incrementation, and procedural abstractions to create his app.

Pong App by Alex

In this re-creation of the well known video game, the user moves the paddle to hit the ball. Don’t let the ball get past your paddle or your game will be over!

Alex used component properties such as heading (degrees), speed, and interval to animate a sprite. He used event handlers to process the collisions and bounces.

Installing the Apps

To install these apps on an Android device, scan the QR code or click the link, then login with your Google account. In Settings, set your device to allow installation of apps from unknown sources. For security, revert this setting after downloading.

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