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Happy Labor Day Friends and Family near and far

Summer is winding to end and the world is still winding in the wind.  So many moments are not the same this September, so many questions and so many worries.  Erynn and I thought it would be a good idea to spend September celebrating friends, community and our children. 

Starting Tuesday September 8th at 6pm Different Directions is hosting a month long series of free meet ups, workshops, sample classes, parties, teas, and even a concert.  One of things we all miss most about staying away from the Different Directions Studios is the gatherings, parties, workshops and my favorite the mornings when the kids and parents arrive. The students happily stumbling up the stairs and the random cup of coffee a friend will bring me from my favorite coffee shop.

We know that pining for the past and living for the future is throwing away the present, so Erynn, myself and the teachers of DD have committed to living for today and using the virtual world to reach out to our friends. 

Feel free to share these events with friends and family you think might benefit from any of our workshops, talks or parties.  

Please join us for all or some of our September events.  

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