One Day When I was Fishing

By Jacob Stamford One day when I was fishing on the St. Lawrence River, I saw an illegal whaling barge. I got in my small boat and paddled to their boat and yelled “You know that's illegal right?” The man that I yelled at said “We know. That's why we’re doing it. Now get lost!”

When he walked away from the edge of the barge, I looked through my ship’s chest. Surely enough, I found a steel-piercing drill! I slipped on my scuba suit and dove into the water.

As I drilled many small holes in the bottom of their barge, the barge started to sink. As I was rowing back to shore, I said to myself “All’s well that ends well.”

(This winter, the What in the World Geography Class studied major rivers of the United States.  Each week the students were given an assigment that included reading about the river we studied that week and writing an essay or short fiction piece using a writing prompt.)

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