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My Days Inside

By Lottie Anne Probst (12)

Dear diary, for the past four weeks and four days I have only gone outside once to go to the store. I actually have been quarantined longer than my family because I was sick and my mom wouldn’t let me leave our apartment for a week. At first I wasn't so upset about being in quarantine and for the first week it was kinda nice, but after a little bit I started missing being able to see my friends in person. Quarantine has given me a chance to do my homework without feeling stressed out about not having enough time. I've had more time to play my violin and guitar, I'm even taking video call piano lessons with one of my friend’s dad. Yes being stuck inside, I have spent more time on my phone on social media and watching TV, but I've also been using my phone to facetime my friends. Being in quarantine has given me an opportunity to talk more with people like my cousin who lives in Michigan or my friends who moved away who I don't get to see. Unfortunately on Tuesday I started having problems with my ears, any noise bothers them. I had to stop doing things like, playing music, facetiming my friends, watching TV, listening to music and, well anything that involved any sound at all (even my online classes). Not being able to do these things I have had to find other ways to entertain myself, some things I have been doing are, drawing, painting, writing in my journal, reading, cleaning my room and practicing hairstyles on my old dolls. I can still communicate with my friends by texting them. Luckily my ears are getting better and hopefully soon I will be able to do things with sound again. I also forgot to mention that before my ears started hurting I was having fun spending time with my parents playing board games, cooking with them and playing guitar with my dad. Even though I wish this whole covid-19 thing was not happening I understand how important it is to stay inside and it hasn't been so bad for me.  

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