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Aging Up

I have been working on our fall programming. Last spring I spoke with many of you regarding class placements and age guidelines for this year's schedule. Many students were on the cusp of moving into an older age group this fall. One of the many great things about last year was that so many students solidified strong friendships. Many of those students were nervous to move to the older age group and leave their friends behind. After much discussion and planning the teachers and I have adjusted our age ranges for some of the classes. Our classes for ages 6-9 on Tuesdays and Thursdays are now ages 7-10, our classes for ages 10-12 are now ages 11-13 some of our high school classes are 15 +. We have added more middle school classes and more 6+ classes to accommodate the younger and middle school students.

The class material will be presented to encompass our multi age learning environment. Students will be partnered in pairs and groups that will encourage skill building and challenge the individual in ways that best support their learning experience.

Students will be supported in the classroom by a head teacher and at least one teen teaching assistant, on a class by class need. There will be a teen assistant in most classrooms for the 7-10 age range. This distribution of classroom guidance gives students the opportunity to have quality one on one support. Our classroom format also gives us the ability to divide the students into academically symbiotic groups.

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