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The Adventure of the Dirty Hooves

A long time ago during Medieval Times there was a king’s adviser named Sir Kudugan. He was known for his unique ability to deduce any criminal.

One day the king gave Sir Kudugan a task. The task consisted of catching a bloody murderer, who killed a swineherd.

The main suspicions fell onto the swineherd’s friend, a royal hunter, who was seen walking into the room where the body was found, with a mace.

The swineherd’s wife found her husband beat up with a sharp instrument. She screamed and shouted “The hunter killed my husband!!!”

The screams were so loud that anyone in the circle of three miles could hear the distinct shrieks. These screams reached Sir Kudugan riding on a pony nearby on a bumpy road.

He reached the swineherd's place and started to examine the ground of the farm with an unusual excitement. He first found that there was no blood on the mace so dismissed the hunter. Then he found some distinct hoofprints on the wooden floor. By the freshness of the mud he could deduce that a hoofed animal had been in the room lately. He also took a sample of the mud and started to search for the same type of dirt.

He was not surprised when he found the dirt in the pig pen. Then to figure out which of the pigs was to his interest he went back and started to search for new clues. His attention fell on to the table with some weird hairs on it. He held an expertise to find out whose hairs those were and where they grew. And to his greatest surprise they were... the eyelashes of a pig!

Sir Kudugan remembered that the king had believed that one of his gentlewomen was a pig at that barn! He ordered the swineherd to treat her as a royal person.

That consisted of feeding her pigtails only and picking out her eyelashes and polish her hooves. He found the pig without her eyelashes, tied her to a leash and rode back to the palace. He went up to the king and told him “I caught the rascal! And it is here!” He steps aside and shows the fat pig.

The king judged the pig and sentenced the pig to be executed. That night Sir Kudugan had a fabulous dinner of some royal pork.

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