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Chapter 1

I was sitting at my desk until someone knocked on the door, "Open it up! Waddles," Said my companion, Sherlock Harrison.

I opened the door and there he was.

"May I help you?" I asked.

"Is this where Sherlock Harrison lives?" Questioned the man.

"Ah, Yes come in." I Let the man in and gave him a cup of tea, "Sherlock will be here in a minute take a seat for now," I politely exclaimed.

Finally he came in with a cigar in his paw, "May I help you?" Said Sherlock, he took a seat across from the man.

"I'm Rodger Rabbit." Said the man. "I came here from Maine for you to help investigate my robbery and crime. "Continue," said The Sherlock.

"It was a pleasant evening when I went to go to my human stable to go human-back riding with my daughter. Once we came home, I saw my wife lying on the floor dead and my prized possession STOLEN!" Said the rabbit in despair, "serious..... very serious...."

Sherlock Puffed his cigar. “The game’s afoot!”

Chapter 2:

I woke up with Sherlock right in front of my face chuckling. "We're going to Maine!" I saw all my suitcases packed and full. Rodger sitting on a rocking chair with a newspaper in hand reading it.

"W-what time is it?" I said tiredly, "Six AM" Rodger chipped in.

While we were on the train Rodger continued talking to Sherlock about the murder, as I was thinking about it. We arrived to Maine and took a taxi to the house.

Once we came one of the maid named Kimberly led us to the guest bedroom. "This is where you will be staying..." She said with an evil grin on her face, "Nighty Night..." She closed the door and LOCKED IT...

Sherlock was surprised at what happened. "That maid surely looked odd..." Said he.

I went to the bathroom then heard a big BANG! I jumped up in action and as I came out from the bedroom, as Sherlock looked confused. "What was that ghastly noise!" I said in a shock.

"Find... Something to open this door or something like that" He replied.

As I looked in the bathroom I saw a crowbar! "I found it!" I said with a shout.

"What exactly did you find, Waddles?"

"A crowbar!" I exited yell.

"Give me that." He grabbed it out of my hand and opened the door.

We ran down the hall and found two pistols, "We can use this for protection." said I.

Frightened at what we saw as we were tiptoeing down the stairs; Kimberly was DEAD ON THE FLOOR!

"H-how could this be?" We heard someone face down the stairs. It was Hyacinth, Rodgers daughter. "

“D-daddy? Is That you?" She saying still half asleep.

"Yes Hyacinth...Hop to bed now Darling!" Lied Sherlock. Hyacinth toppled back up the stairs.

I turned the lights on and saw the window open. Suddenly i heard footsteps behind me... Sherlock was in the bathroom... I gripped my pistol then TURNED AROUND

"No No No! Hold your trigger! It's only me, Rodger."

"W-what are you doing up so early?" I asked.

"Did you hear the loud bang?" He said in a shock. I Moved aside so then he could see what happened to Kimberly.

"OH MY LORD!" He said in a yell "KIMBERLY!" A small tear dripped down his face

"What's wrong Rodger?" Said Sherlock.


Sherlock pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket and gave it to Rodger. "That's it!" Rodger exclaimed "Tomorrow we are figuring out who this murderer is!" Said Rodger firmly.

"Oh really?" Said Sherlock in a surprise.

"Indeed..." The snake said with a deep sigh. I heard a loud knock on the door, "Open it, Waddles." Said my companion. I opened the door and i was SHOCKED! "I think we know who the murderer is, Sherlock. "

I stepped aside and showed Sherlock who it was...

"MORIARTI MOUSE?! WHY I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!" Said Sherlock so surprised I think he couldn't even breathe! "

Are you ok? Sherlock" Said Rodger. "

And so we meet again....Harrison" As the mouse stared fearlessly at his eyes, and mine too. It has been two and a half hours. And no one has said ANYTHING so far!

Until Sherlock started talking, "So, What are your alibis?" Said he.

Rebecca started saying what she had done on that day, "Well, I was cleaning my house all day! And then I heard a big BANG! I tried not to worry about it, but the next day I saw Rodgers beloved wife Lucinda DIED! I am deeply sorry about that Rodger." As Rodger started sniffling and trying to keep his tears back.

"Next!" Said Sherlock thinking of what Rebecca said. "Come along now, Bob!" My companion said.

"So I was workin' on mah crops and once I had mah break a loud BOOM echoin' all around the neighborhood, I promise I had nothin' to do with Kimberly" Said Bob.

"Kimberly? You say?" Said Moriarti with a deep grin you could see it from a mile away! "Next!" Said Sherlock. "Ssssso I wassss eating a delightful meal of raw mousssse once I went to bed I heard a shocking noisssse outsssside I went to check it out and looked out the window, then it bursssted open and sssssomething or sssssomeone Jumped out right over my head!"

"Interesting..." Said the hamster.

"I think it was Bob!" Said Moriarti. "Nope! It was not me!" Said Bob in despair.

"What is your reason of Bob being the killer?" Said Sherlock.

"I think it was Bob because no one mentioned Kimberly... Only Lucinda...." Sherlock opened his eyes wide and eyebrows raised then looked a Bob with Slit eyes.

"Nuh! I didn' To anythin'!" Said Bob almost crying

"But I didn't ssssee a big thing jump over my head! Not like a badger at leasssssst." Slithered Sally. Bob looked at Sally and with his eyes it felt like he said "Thank you"

"Moriarti, you are next." Said Sherlock. "So I was walking down the road" Then I made a BIG BANG- I mean i-i heard a BIG BANG....Heheheh


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