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I am thrilled to announce our 10th anniversary 2019/20 season. For those friends, who know us, we are excited to see you in September. For our new friends, let me introduce you to Different Directions.

We are a homeschool community center and collective of families and educators creating classes, workshops and events that support parents, caregivers, children and youth on their homeschool journey.

Our programming includes a science lab series, a hands on math program, a theatre arts department including, two mainstage productions, two staged readings, and a technical theatre design class. Every month Joanna Lodin holds her Fearless Homeschooling Workshop helping parents to find the  homeschooling path, that is best for their family. In addition to our classes, workshops and productions we also organizes, movie nights, parties and dances. This past year we became the official stewards of the garden, in the playground we use for our lunch and recess.  

Each homeschooling family chooses the path that best suits their families’ needs. At Different Directions our schedule is designed to be flexible. Classes are offered a la carte so you can sign up for one class or a full day, depending on you and your child’s homeschooling goals.  Our space includes two classes rooms, with big windows, a student lounge and a waiting area for families and caregivers. Our studio is also close to lovely playgrounds, parks, libraries and the best coffee house in town.  

To have exceptional classes you need to start with dedicated passionate facilitators. Our teachers are educators who believe in the homeschooling journey. Many are parents who want to share their amazing skills with our community. Different Directions hosts, teachers with Masters and PhDs in mathematics and science, Emmy Award winning actors, Professional Broadway Lighting Designers and Stage Managers, Award Winning Writers, and Phd research Anthropologists. 

If you are interested in a classes you can contact the teachers and organizers directly through our website.

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