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Class Breakdown by Age

Below is a quick overview of classes broken down by age range.

Campus Classes For Teens/ College Prep Mondays Starts Sept. 11th Treading the Board/Acting Directors/intensive

Teen Health


Teen Jam

Tuesdays Starts Sept. 12th Physics

Research/Essay Writing

Wednesdays Starts Sept. 13th Music Composition


Algebra I


Podcasting the Revolutions

Thursdays Starts Sep. 14th Utopian/Dystopian Literature

Stage Combat

Fridays Starts Sept. 15th Gender Studies

Creating Writing Lab

World Literature

Acting Out a Musical

Campus Classes For Tweens Tuesday Starts Sept. 11 Intro to Algebra & Geometry

A Spectrum of Science

Wednesday Starts Sept. 13th Theatre/Jazz Dance Fusion

Algebra I

Creative Writing

Stage Combat

Thursdays Starts Sept. 14th

Acting Out Jr. Mainstage

Heart of Language II

EPC Jr. (Event Planning Committee Jr.)

Fridays Starts Sept. 15th

Book Making

World Literature

Campus Classes For Young Ones Mondays Starts Sept. 11th

Exploration of Nature

Sing, Dance, Be

Math Minds

Tuesdays Starts Sept. 12th History of the Western Hemisphere

The Planet We Live On

Off the Page Writing & Literature

Thursdays Starts Sept. 14th Heart of Language I

Acting Out Literature


Fridays Starts Sept. 15th Phonics, Fun, Fantasy

Book Making

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