Public Health & Covid-19 On Campus Class Guidelines 

The Different Directions Inc., The  Board of Directors in conjunction with our host space The Actor’s Temple has implemented the following guidelines for all students and families to follow this fall while taking classes on campus and attending any in person activities organized by Different Directions Inc. or its agents. All students must have a registration form on file filled out by their parent or legal guardian. The registration form includes, the “Assumption of the Risk and Waiver of Liability Relating to Coronavirus/COVID-19”. PLEASE NOTE: Your child will not be allowed to participate in classes until the online registration form has been completed’


Students, Parents, Caregivers and teachers will conduct daily medical self-evaluation. Anyone who experiences COVID (or any communicable disease) symptoms must stay home. If your child has vomited, experienced diarrhea, or had a fever within 24 hours keep your child home. We will send any child home who has experienced these symptoms within 24 hours. 


Students will have their temperature taken before entering the building or taking part in activities. Students with a temperature in excess of 100.4 F will not be allowed to participate. 


We ask that all students and teachers have a covid 19 test between 72 and 24 hours before attending the first day of classes at Different Directions. Please bring or send a copy of the results to Different Directions on the first day of class. 


If a student, teacher or parent tests positive for covid 19, all students who attend classes on the day or days that student attends classes will be asked to take a covid test. Anyone who tests positive will be able to resume classes when they present a current negative test date within three days of the class. If a family member of a student tests positive for covid please contact Tinamarie Panyard asap. Do not send your child to classes or activities until you have contacted Tinamarie and a plan for safe return has been established.  If a family member of a student or a student has been exposed to someone who has tested positive, contact Tinamarie asap and a plan for a safe return will be implemented. We will use contact tracing methods to determine if any positive people have been in contact with other students or parents in our community. If deemed prudent we will shut down classes and work remotely until it is safe to come back in person.  There will be no refunds or make up days for altering the schedule due to a covid 19 break out. 


All students attending Acting Out A Musical will need to be vaccinated. We rent space in theaters that have very strict vaccination rules for actors. During production week all cast, crew and front of house people will need to be tested every day regardless of vaccination status. 


If you or your child has traveled to high risk regions, been exposed to Covid 19 or attended a large gathering with unvaccinated unmasked people please provide a negative covid 19 test or quarantine for 10 days before resuming classes.  If you are planning on traveling or attending large events with unvaccinated unmasked people please let us know and take appropriate precautions.


Students are not allowed to bring outside toys, stuffed animals or electronic devices to share or play during classes, recess or breaks. Personal cell phones used to contact parents or caregivers or for use in the classroom for work related activities are allowed, but must be used outside of class for contacting parents or with the teacher's permission for class work.


Even though technically Different Directions is not a school we have always compiled with public safety protocols. In compliance with New York Governor Hochel’s mandate for public and private schools, we ask that all students and teachers wear a mask while inside the Actor’s Temple and Different Directions space.  At this time the CDC recommends everyone including people who are vaccinated wear a mask indoors. We support anyone who feels they need to wear a mask while participating in our outdoor classes and lunch and recess. 


There will be hand sanitizers available throughout the studio and building. 


There is no congregating for adults and caregivers, in the lobby of Different Directions Inc. or the Actor’s Temple. There are parks, coffee shops, and public libraries in the neighborhood for parents to wait for their children to be picked. For older students who come to Different Directions on their own, you are welcome to enter the building and go upstairs for the temperature check before entering class. For students who need to be dropped off by a parent or guardian you will be given instructions on drop off and pick up procedures before the first day of class.