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Our Lunch and Recess Program

The Lunch & Recess program offers unstructured safe socialization and play for those children taking classes at Different Directions.

Why lunch and recess?  Because children want and need to have space to play and explore.

Different Directions is continuing our organized drop-off program. The weekly schedule is  set up by age and interest so families can enjoy our social, academic and creative enrichment programs in a way that best serves their needs. This includes an organized lunch and recess time facilitated by a DD-collective member and supported by volunteer parents. The lunch and recess scheduled into each day will give children time to eat and exercise, as well as the proper rest that will allow them to best enjoy their day. In addition, the drop-off option provides parents the opportunity for time to do activities on their own. Different Directions has a parent lounge with internet, so parents/care givers can stay, should they choose.

Because of the unique dietary needs of so many of our students, all families are responsible for sending lunch and snacks with their children. There will always be water available, but children need to bring their own refillable water bottles. Please note that some teachers do schedule in snack time/lunch time and even calculate snacks into the class budget. That is done on a class-by-class basis.

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