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Down Time/Lunch

11:30am - 12:30pm Ages 10+

  • On Campus

Service Description

Children need time to make friends, refuel, self regulate and make important internal and social connections outside of classes in peer group settings. Down Time gives homeschooling students the opportunity to have supervised unstructured time with friends and peers between our project based youth inspired academic classes. When you sign up you get an hour and a half of supervised time. The first hour is between the morning and afternoon class from 11:30 to 12:30 the second from 2pm to 2:30pm Turn a class into a half day or all day drop off experience with our Down Time (drop off) program. Parents drop off for their child for morning class at 9:45am. At 11:30am the students will be escorted by a dedicated Different Directions Staff member to their first Down Time hour from 11:30am to 12:30pm . This hour is for eating lunch, playing outside in the playground (weather permitting) and socializing. At 12:30 the students will be brought to their afternoon class. At 2:30pm they will be picked up from class and taken to the playground. If the weather is inclement, we will move inside the classroom. We provide games, balls, jump ropes, chalk and other small yard equipment for the students to use. Like all experiences at Different Directions, Down Time is designed to fit your schedule. All of our classes are a la carte so you can pick and choose the times that work best for you. Many people like the idea of having at least one or two full days for their homeschool child. Signing up for the 10am class, the 11:30am Down Time, the 12:30 and the 2pm Down Time session gives students a full day with friends and great classes. If all day doesn’t work for your family you can sign up for the sessions that best fit your schedule. Due insurance, students' food sensitivities and space limitations we do not provide food. All students bring their own food. If you sign your child up for our morning and afternoon classes on the same day we recommend you sign them up for the Down Time program. All students not in the program will need to be picked up and taken off premises by their parent or guardian and brought back for the next class. Due to insurance regulations our Staff cannot escort or care for a child who is not in the program. When you sign up for the 11:30 session you will automatically be enrolled in the 2pm to 2:30pm at no extra charge. For more information and registration: follow the link and send an enquiry.

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