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You are Invited...

to join teacher Laurie Heineman and The Playing with Classics Players for

The Mice Strike Back

An original play Inspired by Aesop and William Shakespeare*

Written and Acted by






drawing by Charlotte

*You may notice that the play is written in Shakespeare’s favored meter - Iambic Pentameter!

The Audience will send their email addresses to by Wednesday morning December 9 in order to be invited to the play via ZOOM email invitation. It will take place at 11:00 AM on Thursday Dec. 9, 2020. There will be some discussion before and after the play.

Since we cannot have our usual PWC pot luck in person, please have something afterwards!

Maybe we can toast the cast and authors with a lovely glass of water…?

The kids have worked creatively and cooperatively on this. When you show up I will ask you to mute and “disappear” during the presentation.

Laurie Heineman

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