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City of Earth Radio Show Series

Different Directions Inc. presents

City of Earth Radio Show Series

7pm to 8pm March 13th, 20th and 27th

An original story by the students of Acting Out class of 2019-2020.

Join us for an old fashion journey to the future. A time not so long ago families gathered around the radio to listen to their favorite broadcast. We invite you and your family to gather around your computer and join our zoom listening party for a brand new radio style show. Zoom chat with the actors and stay after the show for a brief talk back with the cast.

City of Earth is a story about friendships that last beyond the end of the world and what happens when magical deities can’t agree on where to go for dinner.

Saturday March 13th

7pm to 8:00pm

Episode 1

The Wonder Dome: On a beautiful fall day, we join the grand opening celebration of the world’s largest man made biodome.

Episode 2

Oops Did I Do That: The gods and demons are having a bit of an argument on where to go for dinner. Look out world you’re in the way.

Saturday March 20th

7p to 8:00pm

Episode 3

Time to Choose: It is the 1000 year anniversary of the New New York Biodome. During the week-long festival teens of the city choose the careers they are going to study. There are exhibition booths and games set up for the youth to explore before they choose their career path. We meet a group of friends who just might be the future of humanity.

Episode 4

The Game: The gang takes a break to play a little soccer. Two old friends meet and find they are not what they used to be.

Saturday March 27th

7pm to 8:00pm

Episode 5

The Rest of Our Lives: The friends over hear a conversation that might change who they are forever.

Episode 6

Will They Remember: After a 1000 years and two days the truth shall set you free.

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