Workshops and Gatherings

We host several workshops and gatherings at Different Directions -- take a look at our current offerings.

(For support groups, please see our Support for Parents page.)


Great Adventure Movies

once-a-month Mondays [dates to be determined]

6:00pm-8:00pm     led by T.J. Glenn

[description coming soon]


Family Self Defense Workshop

once-a-month Thursdays [dates to be determined]

6:00pm-8:00pm     led by T.J. Glenn

The world can be a dangerous place and it is important to be able to address those fears head on!! This class will help build the confidence that has been demonstrated to discourage some of that danger.

In this 90-minute class, Mr. Glenn will demonstrate and teach techniques and strategies for avoiding and/or dealing with dangerous stranger or bully situations. Evading and escaping from holds/grabs will be emphasized but striking and disabling techniques will also be shown. Using common objects for defense will be shown as well.

The whole family will be taught age/size appropriate techniques. These can be practiced and honed at home.

This joint class will help open discussion between the generations about this tough subject.

It is about empowerment, not fear!!!

Mr. Glenn has a background in a number of martial arts, including Hwa Rang Do, Kali, Jiu Jitsu and bodyguard training, but more importantly he has a daughter who can take care of herself!!

Wear comfortable clothes (no flip-flops, please).

You can register or ask further questions by clicking the button below.


Movie Nights and Matinees

[dates to be determined]

Movie nights and matinees are designed for teens or tweens to have a safe space just for themselves. (Each event will include an appropriate age range.)  This is a time for our kids to socialize with their peers and let loose without parents present!  (But all events are chaperoned.) Dates and times can be found on our events page.