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10:00am-11:30pm     Ages 5-7

This is a year long Spanish class that introduces the sounds and feel of the Spanish language. We will dance, taste, listen, speak, sing and play using new words and phrases to communicate ideas and feelings. We will memorize songs, play games, read books and do some writing in Spanish. Children will develop a sense of confidence that they can express themselves in a unique way and hopefully develop an interest in learning more as they grow older. 

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Upper Middle School Math

10:00am-11:30am     Ages 13-15

The topics that will be covered include: Negative numbers; Fractions; Decimals; Percentages; Rates and proportional relationships; Solving equations, systems of equations and inequalities; Introduction to statistics and probability; Geometry: angles, triangles, volumes; Geometric transformations; Introduction to data modelling. Specific material will be presented to all students together and subsequently students will work on separate problems, geared to their individual requirements. Group word problems will also be provided towards the end of the class, in order to provide students with the opportunity to use their knowledge to solve real world problems and strengthen their social skills.

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Math Outside The Box


What initially started as a regular math class was destined to become a math exploration class. As a homeschooling mom, I always try to be flexible in my teaching methods. So when in the fall semester I realized that all my students have different backgrounds, it became obvious that we would need to restructure the class and focus on a lot of individual work. As time went by every student moved at a different pace and showed interest in different topics. One day as I observed that one student was solving quadratic equations, another one was working on trigonometry word problems, and the third one was working on problems from the book Art of the Problem Solving, I realized that our class can now be officially called High-School Math Exploration Class.


A Trip Around the World - Geography


Join me, littlest explorers, on an adventure... an adventure around the world!  We’ll start our year at our front door and explore thru games, songs and stories, America the Beautiful and all her treasures, from sea to shining sea.  We’ll then leave our shores, passports in hand, and begin our trip around the world!  We’ll explore cultures, foods, music, traditions, art, clothing, customs, landmarks, holidays, animals and more.  We’ll "visit" continents and countries, oceans and land forms and more! Every class will intertwine learning with games and play, keeping students engaged at all times. We will also take an exciting field trip during our year of travel together, to explore the art and the history of a few of the places we will have visited along our journey together. 


Beginner Chess

2:30pm-3:30pm     Ages 5-7

In the Fall semester we will introduce the pieces, their movements (including castling) and their values. How to capture pieces and will learn to distinguish good and bad trades. We will learn what does it mean to check and checkmate. Each class will have a craft activity related to chess. In the Winter semester we will continue reviewing the pieces and their movements, but then will also learn en passant, stalemates and draws. The concept of tactics will be introduced. Each class will have a craft activity related to chess.In the Spring semester on top of reviewing all the previous material, we will start a discussion of openings, middle, and endgames. This the class will be good for absolute beginners without prior exposure to chess, as well as those who have some experience with chess but haven’t internalized all the moves yet.


Intermediate/ Advanced Chess

1:00pm-2.00pm     Ages 13-18

Description to Follow


Lab Science

2:30pm-3.45pm     Ages 14-16

Joe Hatem will teach this activity-enriched class covering important topics in science.  We’ll study physics in the fall (focusing on engineering), chemistry in winter (looking at the chemistry of living things), then biology in spring (paying special attention to the brain).  There will be reading, research, and other activities to do at home.  We’ll do our best, while enjoying ourselves, to plan, observe, and draw conclusions carefully, utilizing the scientific method.  The fall term will include two field trips.

American History/ Civics

4:00pm-5:15pm     Ages 14-16

New York City and New York State will be our subjects, in all their glory and shame.  Boss Tweed, John Jay, Belle Moscowitz, David Dinkins, Peter Stuyvesant, and Bella Abzug will all have their moments in this class.  We’ll discuss why New York has become such an important (and self-important) place, and guess what the future might have in store for the region.  Students will read at home to support class conversations, and every student will be expected to research and write a paper.