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Movie Night Ages 13-18                                            Movie nights, game nights and open mics are designed for teens to have a safe space just for themselves.  This is a time to socialize with their peers and let loose without parents.  All events are chaperoned. Dates and times can be found on our event page.


Mom's Night Out                                                          Come join us for an evening of relaxing, visiting with friends and leaving the kids at home.  Everyone brings something to drink and a dish to share.     Dates and times are on the events page.



Teacher Assistant Program                                     Teens 15 and older are eligible to apply to work with a teacher as a class assistant.  Being a T.A. gives teens a chance to work with an experienced teacher gaining experience and skills they will in future work places.  


Social Pragmatics Meet Ups                                               This group meets once a month. The gatherings will rotate between Different Directions and the ROC.  Meetings are open to neurodiverse and neuroconventional children and their families. The goal is to create a safe space to work on communication and life skills that we all need to navigate the world around us.  The workshops will focus on games, discussions and projects and will be lead by a guided facilitator. Dates and times are posted on the events page.  There is a $5 per student suggested donation for this workshop to help cover the costs of space. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.


Parent Support Group This meet up is for parents of neurodiverse children. Parents will share their joy and challenges to find advice and give support to other families.  The group is lead by Rachel Lavine and will meet once a month rotating between Different Directions and The ROC. There is a $5 per family donation to help cover the cost of space. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.  For more in formation about Social Pragmatics Meet up and the Parent Support Group contact Rachel Lavine by clicking the link below.




Tween Movie Matinees Ages 8-12 This series of Matinees is hosted by the Young Entrepreneurs Club. They will pick the movies and host each event. Fee: $5 free for Young Entrepreneurs Club members.





Book Parties Ages 3 and up and families. Three times a year we will host a party celebrating a children's Author. Fee: $10 per family.





Storytelling Festival (Family fun) Joins us for our 2nd annual Storytelling Festival. Students, parents all are invited to join in an afternoon of stories, arts, music food an more. Fee is $10 per person.





Fearless Homeschooling Series                              Once a month Joanna Lodin hosts a group discussion on issues that most concern homeschooling parents.  How do fill out my paper work? What are your biggest challenges? Joanna has homeschooled her three sons through high school. She shares her wealth of knowledge and wisdom with our community and connects people.  The workshops do not have a set fee they are donation only. No one is turned away. Dates times are on the event page. For more information about Fearless Homeschooling contact Joanna Lodin by clicking the link below. 




Dad's Night Out Homeschooling dads have a night to kick back, relax and talk about their homeschool experiences, ideas and concerns. Fee: $ 5 suggested donation. 



Pathfinder Club Lead by Thomas Pflanz