Registration is a three step process.  We know, it feels a bit duplicative!  But Different Directions is a cooperative community, and each class is structured independently by the instructors.  

1). Please  make an enrollment enquiry with the instructor for each class you want to take.  We make it easy - there is an inquiry button next to each class description the "View Classes" page, which will send a direct inquiry to the instructor.  The instructor will send you an email with details regarding the class and how to pay.

2). All children taking classes must also  be registered with Different Directions. Once you have been confirmed for a class by the instructor, you can register with us by  clicking on the registration button below and filling out the online form.  

3) Pay the registration fee of  $50 per student (non-refundable registration fee) before September 1st, or $75 after September 1st.  The registration fee can be paid via to, OR you can simply click below and add the registration to your cart and check out here on the site.  Please note: the registration fee is per student per year not per class. 

Different Directions Early Registration- Pre September 1

Early registration with Different Directions, per student, before September 1 of the academic year.

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Different Directions Registration- Post September

Registration with Different Directions after September 1 of the academic year

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