Summer Camp 2017

Adventure Summer camp 2017!  This is our third year of Adventure Summer Camp at Different Directions.  My daughter Lottie talks about the memories and moments of summer camp all year long.  Her favorite things last year were the field trip to the Highline, learning about native plants of New York State and sponge fights in the park. The memories of hours in the park, being able to take our time racing around the playground with our friends and taking field trip journeys to the amazing cultural experiences this city has to offer are the fuel of imaginative, curious and happy children.  Our summer camp is a time for children be creative, relax and be with friends.  We all know the benefit of spending time in the sun, keeping our minds engaged and healthy socialization. These are the foundation of our summer experience.    This year musician  Leslie Frost will be launching her Joy of Music program and Anthropologist Stephanie Campos will be leading the campers on cultural explorations of some of New York's wonderful museums.

Changing the Lights

Thanks to the dedicated parents in our community we have been able to create a safe space where we and our children can explore, experiment and thrive.  I am happy this year one of the many long term goals we have achieved is to have all of our lighting transitioned over from fluorescent to LED.   LED lights are more cost efficient, environmentally sound and better for all of us working in the space.  Thank you, Mehdi, for putting in hours of time to make our space healthier for everyone.

The New Website !

Well...if you have gotten this far, and you already knew Different Directions, you will have noticed our new website.  This is the beginning of our new community space.  We will be able to post news, links, events and commentary now to this central space.  It offers a way to showcase HOW MUCH is happening everyday at Different Directions, how vital we are for many within the homeschooling community, and how excited we are to continue to grow.

The beautiful playground !

The students and I are also happy to announce the renovations on the Ramone Aponte Playground next door to the Actors Temple are completed. After watching with baited breath all winter, this June 2016, during our summer adventure camp we attended the dedication ceremony for the playground. We also planted flowers in anticipation of many happy hours spent playing.

Our New Home !

As many of you know, in 2015 we relocated to 47th street in the lower level of the Actors Temple. September 2016 we moved up(stairs) and into the light!  The Temple has generously renovated the 3rd floor which has two beautiful big rooms, new windows, office, storage space and a waiting area for parents.