Welcome 2019/20 10th year Anniversary

Different Directions Inc.

2019/20 Schedule

I am thrilled to announce our 10th anniversary 2019/20 season. For those friends, who know us, we are excited to see you in September. For our new friends, let me introduce you to Different Directions.

We are a homeschool community center and collective of families and educators creating classes, workshops and events that support parents, caregivers, children and youth on their homeschool journey.

Our programming includes a science lab series, a hands on math program, a theatre arts department including, two mainstage productions, two staged readings, and a technical theatre design class. Every month Joanna Lodin holds her Fearless Homeschooling Workshop helping parents to find the  homeschooling path, that is best for their family. In addition to our classes, workshops and productions we also organizes, movie nights, parties and dances. This past year we became the official stewards of the garden, in the playground we use for our lunch and recess.  

Each homeschooling family chooses the path that best suits their families’ needs. At Different Directions our schedule is designed to be flexible. Classes are offered a la carte so you can sign up for one class or a full day, depending on you and your child’s homeschooling goals.  Our space includes two classes rooms, with big windows, a student lounge and a waiting area for families and caregivers. Our studio is also close to lovely playgrounds, parks, libraries and the best coffee house in town.  


To have exceptional classes you need to start with dedicated passionate facilitators. Our teachers are educators who believe in the homeschooling journey. Many are parents who want to share their amazing skills with our community. Different Directions hosts, teachers with Masters and PhDs in mathematics and science, Emmy Award winning actors, Professional Broadway Lighting Designers and Stage Managers, Award Winning Writers, and Phd research Anthropologists. 

If you are interested in a classes you can contact the teachers and organizers directly through our website.

See you in September!

Joy and Light

Tinamarie Panyard (Mom to Lottie 12)


Homeschool Student Takes First Place in NY Math League Competition

This winter, our very own Paul B. took first place in the seventh grade NY Math League competition across New York City and fourth place across NY State.

As the Math League team describes on their website “Math contests give students an educationally enriching opportunity to participate in an academically-oriented activity and to gain recognition for mathematical achievement.”

Seventy-three schools participated in the seventh-grade contest through out New York State. This competition was made accessible for the homeschool community, through Different Directions and efforts of Ekaterina, our higher-math teacher. (Who teaches math at Different Directions for students ages 12 to 18 on Tuesdays)

Out of a possible 35 questions, Paul answered 34 correctly. Indeed, an outstanding student, who at the age of 12 is already working on derivatives and integrals in his High School Math Exploration class at Different Directions. Paul doesn’t just have a mind for math, he is dedicated to learning. In addition to his success in his academic achievements, Paul’s teachers say he is an extremely humble, pleasant and communicative person. His math teacher Ekaterina is hopeful that Paul will further continue his participation in mathematical contests and one day possibly bring the United States a gold medal from the International Mathematics Olympiad.

For students interested in competitive mathematics and developing technical skills beyond common standards, next year Different Directions will be offering a class: “Math outside the box”. The class is open to all the students eager to learn math outside of the standard curriculum and interested in participating in mathematics competitions.

math league competition.png

Winter Break

Hello, friends! Please remember that there are no classes at Different Directions this week. We follow the public school calendar, so this week (Feb 18-22) is winter break.

See you next week!

DD Featured in Mommy Poppins!

Did you see it?!— we were featured in a Mommy Poppins article last week!! Check it out:


Check out this excerpt:

Every family that chooses to homeschool has its own motivations for doing so. Different learning styles, educational needs, and interests are just a few reasons why the traditional classroom may not be a good fit for your child. For those who say to themselves, “Oh, I could never homeschool—it's so hard, and I am not a teacher!”, you may be surprised at how many resources exist to help homeschooling families in NYC. Tinamarie Panyard, a homeschool parent and the director of Different Directions, a homeschool educational collective, puts it this way: “I think of myself as the principal of my daughter's school. It's not that I feel like I have to teach her every subject. It’s my job to find the resources, the classes, teachers, the mentors who will help her be who she wants to be. So I would say it is not as hard as we think it is, and it is so worth the effort. Homeschooling is the best thing my family has ever done.”

We are so excited about our growing & thriving community! Fist bumps, everyone. :)