Sex, Drugs and Kale (Ooey, Gooey Health Class for Tweens

3:00pm-4:30pm Mondays     Ages 11-14

The Nitty Gritty Real Deal for Tween Body, Mind, Spirit. Plus Kale.

We assume our children will make good choices when they are ready for some of the grown up world. Let’s get them the information they need to do so with confidence when the time comes! Packed with tools, discussion, videos, online and irl resources, this is designed to be a healthy, light, cool, tween-friendly class. As a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, yoga teacher, and homeschooling mother of three, I know it can be hard to navigate how much to tell kids about Kale, or Drugs, or, um, Sex. How  do you make sure the important stuff is covered without scaring the daylights out of them? Is your information even current? We all want the best for our kids. Preparing them is normal for all subjects. But I know, it can get sticky, so to speak. Save that for the session on sweets! This class is a coaching-based health education class, including AGE APPROPRIATE, gentle learning. 

We will with great CARE cover: goals, values, personal mission statement, drugs & addiction, sugar & caffeine, tobacco & alcohol, consent & safety, social media & bullying, puberty & what to expect, sex & reproduction, contraception and STDs, body image, identity & gender, self harm & self care, meditation & relaxation, health & fitness, social graces, kindness & conflict resolution, sleep & water, nutrition basics, meal & menu planning, budgeting a meal, allergies & sensitivities, food science & philosphy, funghi & vegetables! Kale! I am open to all reasonable dietary theories, just the facts, ma’am. I’ve studied the top 100, and lived with many. It’s all good. It just means we’ve got 100 ways to make it work! Not only that, but the students will have tons of resources, online and homemade, project & study options, challenges and shares, group and paired talks, ALL questions answered, with dignity given to the subject. 

And also tons of humor. Because eggplants actually are hilarious. (And frankly, hanky panky as such? Kind of absurd. But also potentially magical, and carefully fun, and a natural part of more mature life for most humans. There is no reason not to prepare them.)

We will go over basic biology and physiology, but also talk about values and goals, families and traditions, relationships and communication, navigating parties with sticky situations, social media and ethics, making good food and exercise choices, and much more. We'll keep it humorous and light, goofy as needed, and very heavy on the discussion so the tweens feel heard. FYI: Public education schedules a small, half-day class once in middle school, and a semester their first year in high school to catch them before they try alcohol, become sexually active, or meet drugs in the wild. Also, it's never too early for more Kale.This class should be regarded as a year long class. In previous years this has proved wise.. The unit order will be drugs, then sex, then kale, but there will be reference and review throughout the year. Students should bring a dedicated, private notebook (there will be drawing of internal body parts, meal plans, notes and exercises, for instance), and favorite pen. I will have colored pencils, but they are free to bring their own. We will use them.

Teacher: Miranda Norris

Using methods from Charlotte Mason, Waldorf and Classical, plus techniques proven fun and useful over 20 years of homeschooling her own children and teaching homeschool education classes for the past 11 years, Miranda brings fun to a subject that should be fun, but never at the expense of a healthy respect for the rules. Games galore with real learning.

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Fall 2019: $330 + $25 Materials 12 days

Sept. 9th,16th, 23rd Oct. 7th,,28th Nov 4th,11th,18th,25th, Dec 2nd,9th,16th

No Classes Sept. 30th Rosh Hashana, Oct. 14th and Oct. 21st

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Winter 2020 : $275 + $25 Materials 10 Days

Jan 6th, 13th, 27th Feb 3rd, 10th, 24th March 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd

(No classes Jan 20th MLKD and Feb 17th (Winter Break)


Spring 2020: $270 + $25 Materials 9 Days

March 30th April 6th, 20th, 27th May 4th, 11th, 18th, June 1st, 8th

No Class April 13th(Spring Break) May 25th Memorial Day