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Stories, Stories, Stories

10:00am-1:00pm     Ages 5-8

Stories All Around Us is one of our most popular classes for the little ones -- and for good reason! In this class, teacher Tinamarie follows the lead of the students. The main goals of this class are to foster friendships and work on social problem-solving, and we do this with lots of free play and interest-based learning. Each class usually includes one or more stories, a group discussion, and related guided activity -- but when the kids desire something a bit different, we don't hesitate to go in different directions! During free play time, we often see the students naturally forming several different "stations" around the room: some students playing a board game, some engaging in imaginative play, some creating art, some reading to themselves or asking a teacher to read aloud, etc. When the kids are meaningfully engaging with each other and navigating their way through complex social situations, we consider the class a great success.

This class is geared toward early- and pre-readers. During story time, we explore folktales, legends, and fairy tales from around the world, as well as classical and modern literature. We meet characters from history and visit cultures of far-off lands. Depending on the interests of the students, we may sometimes choose a story that we will perform together as a class at the end of the term. Our story-relevant activities vary widely, and may include art, group discussion and story telling, early writing practice, dramatic play, music, and story reenactments. There is always the opportunity for open-ended work and self-directed learning through the pursuit of personal interests. We will have lunch together every Friday and spend time from approximately 12:30-1pm playing outside whenever the weather permits. Parents are asked to send their children with a snack, water, lunch, and clothes they can get dirty.

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Technical Theatre/ Production and Design

10:00am-1:00pm     Ages 11-18

What does it take to run a show?  How is a costume designed?  What is a cue?  What does it mean to focus a light?  What is a model box? This class is designed for an entire year.  Each quarter builds on the one before, and by June, the students will know how to not only crew and stage manage a show, but have the ability to design it as well.  The students will work alongside both the Playing with Classics class and Acting Out class, to crew, design and stage manage both productions. This class will visit three professional spaces during their year to see how professionals work within the industry. From Television to Broadway’s biggest main stages to Off-Off Broadway, the students will see, touch and experience it all.

This class is a year long. The students in this class will be the technical crew the winter production, and design all aspects of as well as stage manage and be the technical crew for the spring musical.

Fridays Lunch


The Lunch & Recess program offers unstructured safe socialization and play for those children taking classes at Different Directions. Why lunch and recess?  Because children want and need to have space to play and explore.

Different Directions is continuing our organized drop-off program. The weekly schedule is  set up by age and interest so families can enjoy our social, academic and creative enrichment programs in a way that best serves their needs. This includes an organized lunch and recess time facilitated by a DD-collective member and supported by volunteer parents. The lunch and recess scheduled into each day will give children time to eat and exercise, as well as the proper rest that will allow them to best enjoy their day. In addition, the drop-off option provides parents the opportunity for time to do activities on their own. Different Directions has a parent lounge with internet, so parents/care givers can stay, should they choose.



2:00pm-3:00pm     Ages 10-15

This class is open to aspiring artists of all levels! Throughout the year they will explore color, shape, texture and line -- beginning with still life and progressing to interpreting famous works of art. T.J. will also take the students on a journey through time as he weaves history and the cultural influences that affected the great artists the students will be studying.

While we will continue to emphasize the individual vision of the students exploring art with individual challenges, this year we will introduce a themed challenge where, over the arc of the year, they will be creating, writing and drawing their own children’s book!

This will involve many aspects, from character creation to story development (even retelling classic tales) to the concepts of layout and putting the book together!

We will look at famous examples and methods -- pencil, pen, watercolor, and collage -- to create the art as the books develop!

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Writing Creatively

3:00pm-4:00pm     Ages 10-15

Join award-winning writer Teel James Glenn as he helps would-be and current writers explore the whys and whats of creating exciting, action-filled short stories by examining the classics by the masters -- and by writing and critiquing their own new masterpieces! The course will begin by reading and examining classics, with each story focusing on some aspect of the craft -- point-of-view, time, scene setting, motivation, engaging the senses, or painting clear, logical action scenes.

The students will then follow up by writing their own versions of some of the scenes in the classic tale and then creating their own short stories, reading their work out loud, and giving each other solid, positive feedback.


Physical Comedy/Stage Combat

4:30pm-6:00pm     Ages 10-15

Stage combat is as old as theatre in the west -- safe, realistic ways of ‘fake fighting’ have always been needed to enhance the drama on stage and screen.

This stage combat class will begin with simple unarmed combat then move on to swords and other weapons, learning the basic footwork, six basic parries and a range of blade  attacks, disengages, coupes and avoids.

This year we will also explore scene construction, integrating dialogue and character while increasing the complexity and duration of the fights themselves.