Fearless Homeschooling

For more information on the workshops and forums below, and to discuss creating other homeschooling support programs, contact Joanna below.



Developing Your Own Homeschool Philosophy

A guided workshop to challenge common myths about education and develop new ways of thinking so you and your children can truly enjoy learning in freedom.

Filing Fundamentals

A nuts and bolts workshop to demystify the New York State Homeschooling
Regulations, show paperwork samples and offer tips on maintaining compliance
for first time filers.

High School How-To

Everything about homeschooling the high school years, from finding resources
to nurturing independence.

Teens and parents are welcome to this discussion about searching for the best fit
colleges, documenting your homeschool program and what to include in
your application.

The College Conversation

Crafting the High School Transcript

A step-by-step discussion on creating a high school transcript including documenting
activities, gathering materials and choosing a format to present your teen’s
accomplishments most effectively.

What's Next For Me? Creating a Path to Independence for Homeschooled Teens

A guided workshop for teens to discuss their interests, abilities, and options for
planning their future.


The Homeschooling Q&A

An open forum for all homeschooling questions and concerns.

Thrifty Homeschooling

Tips for no or low-cost homeschooling resources.

Overcoming Challenges

A problem-solving session with a panel of veteran homeschoolers.

Dad's Night Out

A casual gathering for homeschooling dads to meet, mingle and ask questions.