2019/20 CLASSES


Click on a class to see the full class description and to make inquiries with each instructor. Click on the day of the week to see all the classes scheduled for that day.


Click for more details about our Lunch & Recess Program

Click for more details about our Lunch & Recess Program

Lunch & Recess Program

The Lunch & Recess program offers unstructured safe socialization and play for those children taking classes at Different Directions.

Why lunch and recess?  Because children want and need to have space to play and explore.

Different Directions is continuing our organized drop-off program. The weekly schedule is  set up by age and interest so families can enjoy our social, academic and creative enrichment programs in a way that best serves their needs. This includes an organized lunch and recess time facilitated by a DD-collective member and supported by volunteer parents. The lunch and recess scheduled into each day will give children time to eat and exercise, as well as the proper rest that will allow them to best enjoy their day. In addition, the drop-off option provides parents the opportunity for time to do activities on their own. Different Directions has a parent lounge with internet, so parents/care givers can stay, should they choose.


Registration is a three-step process because Different Directions is a collective community, and each class is structured independently by the instructors.  

1) Please make an enrollment inquiry with the instructor for each class you want to take.  We make it easy - there is an "Enrollment Inquiry" button on each class page to send a direct inquiry to the instructor.  The instructor will respond by email with details regarding the class and how to pay.

2) All children taking classes must also be registered with Different Directions. This is a one-time fee per school year. Once you have been confirmed for a class by the instructor, you can register with us by clicking on the registration link here and filling out the online form.

3) Pay the registration fee of $50 per student (non-refundable registration fee) before September 1st, or $75 after September 1st. The registration fee can be paid via paypal.com to payments@differentdirections.org, OR you can simply pay on the registration page here. Please note: the registration fee is per student per year -- not per class.

Workshops and Gatherings and Events

The happenings at Different Directions are a collaboration among Different Directions, The ROC, and parent support groups such as Fearless Homeschooling and Parents Understanding Neurodiverse Kids (PUNK). Every month there will be workshops, events, gatherings, and happenings designed to bring entertainment, information, support, and social experiences to everyone in the family.

Policy on Absences

If the student is not going to be in class on a particular day, please contact the teacher so that they are aware the student will not be present.  Different Directions does not offer make-up days or refund any portion of the class fee for sickness, traveling, acts of nature, or human error outside of Different Directions (i.e., storms, snow, hurricanes, train or bus trouble, terrorists, etc.).  If a teacher is sick and unable to find a substitute, they will schedule a make-up day or offer some compensation such as a discount for the next term. When the student is registered with Different Directions, agreement and understanding of this policy is implied.